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The Tragic True Story of My Chemical Romance

When bassist Mikey and vocalist Gerard Way were growing up in New Jersey, they spent a lot of time together because they weren’t allowed to leave the house often — and for good reason. The surrounding area was so bad that their mother just preferred them to play indoors for the most part. In an episode of the “SModcast”, the Way brothers described to Kevin Smith how scary it could be and said one of their co-workers was brutally bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat.

Regardless of the danger, Gerard frequently visited the local comic book store, as he felt comfortable there despite feeling like an outcast in his high school. According to the biography “My Chemical Romance: This Band Will Save Your Life”, the singer said, “I found solace in the comic book store. It saved my life.”

Since he was at the store so often, Gerard accepted an offer to work there, but it turned out to be a terrible mistake. He told NME: “I was working at the comic book store, just watching cartoons, and we got held up. They put me on the floor and put a .357 Magnum in the back of my head, execution style. I lost a lot of the innocence after that. The comic book store closed two weeks later” (via This Band Will Save Your Life).

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