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Travis Scott sued by 9-year-old Astroworld victim on life support

Travis Scott is being pursued by the family of a 9-year-old who was allegedly trampled and trampled so violently during the “Astromonde”, that he is currently in a coma.

According to a new complaint filed by famous lawyer Ben Crump, Ezra Blount was the youngest victim in the “Astroworld” concert tragedy and the horrific injuries could claim the little guy’s life. In the record, the lawyer says Ezra was almost “trampled to death” during the concert and was “suddenly forced to gaze in terror at several injured and killed spectators” after the crowd rushed.

At this time, the 9-year-old remains in a artificial coma and is on life support.

9-year-old ‘Astroworld’ victim clings to life in hospital


As for his injuries, according to the family, Blount suffers from severe damage to his liver, kidneys and brain. The family believe that the injuries will affect their quality of life and their “ability to grow and develop”.

In the lawsuit, Crump said the young boy was “kicked, trampled and trampled” while watching the concert. At the same time, people around him were lifting “unconscious bodies of friends and strangers and surfing them above the crowds, hoping to get them to safety.” In the file he describes the brutal scene including many people screaming for “help with CPR and begging” with Travis and the concert staff from stop the show to help the victims.

As we reported, the rapper is being criticized online for not stopping the gig when the initial flare-up started, claiming he was aware of what was going on with an ambulance in the crowd – but that he chose to continue playing. Travis addressed the issue and said he has no idea how things are going in the crowd while it is performing.

Victims’ lawyers blame Travis Scott and Live Nation for unruly situation

Travis Scott sued by victim of

The lawsuit accuses Travis Scott and Live Nation, saying they “grossly failed in their duty to protect the health, safety and lives” of those attending the show. Additionally, lawyers point out that the concert did not have enough security in place to implement appropriate crowd control measures and enough emergency medical support.

In the hours leading up to the drama, videos of the crowd breaking fences and the front door flooded social media, showing the crowd was growing unruly long before the deadly wave started.

The Houston Police Department chief claimed to have spoken to Travis Scott in the hours leading up to his performance, expressing concern over the situation and asking the rapper to keep in mind any issues that may arise during the festival.

Travis Scott faces multiple lawsuits in the wake of the “Astroworld” tragedy

Travis Scott sued by victim of

This is not the first lawsuit brought by the victims of the tragic event, several other cases have been filed against the rapper and Live Nation. In addition, several have named Drake as the accused, simply because he was performing with Scott on stage. Drake broke his silence on the situation by saying, “I have spent the last few days trying to understand this devastating tragedy. I hate to use this forum to express such a delicate emotion as grief but this is where I am. find me.

He continued, “My heart is broken for the families and friends of those who have lost their lives and for all who are suffering. I will continue to pray for all of them and be helpful in any way I can. May God be with you all.

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