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Vijay Malik’s ‘Dekhan De’ Was An Inspiration From His Real Life Story

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Vijay Malik has released a romantic pop song “Dekhan De” featuring Isha Sharma. The song has reached over 2 million views on YouTube.

‘Dekhan De’ is a complete set from the singer as he sang, composed and wrote it. It was written in Haryanvi as he thinks the language helps him connect better with people.

Check the interview below:

Congratulations on your latest release. Please tell us all about “Dekhan De”.

“Even a glimpse of your loved one evokes euphoria in your body and peace and calm in your soul.” This is what led me to write Dekhan De.

During the difficult phase of the lockdown, I planned to release a single on my own YouTube channel that could manifest what I was going through. So, I started writing how I felt at that moment and when I shared that with my team, they were impressed and suggested I complete it. They thought it sounded refreshing and peaceful, justifying the emotions we all go through, the pain of long-distance relationships, and social limitations.

I was surprised at the response I got from the people I shared the idea for the song with and who brought happiness and motivation into my life. I then realized that my belief and my vision of my music could reach people’s hearts.

What’s the story behind it?

When I was working on this song I was going through similar circumstances where my beloved was leaving the state for her career and I just wanted to capture all the beautiful moments with her and I couldn’t resist but fall in love with her a times again. It helped me capture all my feelings in the song and it eventually led to “Dekhan De”.

It was then that I also understood the pain of separation and what the people around me would suffer due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions.

Also, I chose to write this song in Haryanvi because the language helps me connect better with people and I wanted to deliver the sweet and passionate version of love.

The song has over 2 million views on YouTube, what do you think?

Yeah, over 2 million views now on youtube, over 4 million streams on resso and we’re getting a lot of great feedback. Some saw it as a Bollywood song and some considered it the start of the melodious era of the Haryanvi industry.

With each of my songs I try to capture various feelings and this time I chose to admire the persistence of love that grows and intensifies over time. Most of my romantic songs focus on the exciting new feeling of affection when someone falls in love.

I’m overwhelmed with people’s response and happy to see that they are able to relate to the song. I am grateful for all the love and support for Dekhan De.

Please share a bit about your upcoming projects.

It’s currently a little confidential but I promise not to disappoint my fans. I’m going to do some dance songs because two dance numbers are in the works right now.

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