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VLCC Presents Femina Miss India Meghalaya 2022 Gargee Nandy’s Life Story In Words

Coming from Meghalaya, Gargee Nandy currently leads the social media team for several beauty brands at
the Professional world and other verticals. She is a graduate in mass communication and journalism. She is also a freelance influencer marketer and in-flight content distributor. She works as a journalist for a renowned news magazine,
The Northeast today.

The beauty, throughout her life, has had many special memories – some painful and sad, and some wonderful and happy. Talking about the three best memories of her life, she said: “My childhood memories were the best possible – the carefree days of pure joy. I can never forget them. My second memorable phase of my life was when I was left Shillong for my graduate studies and I moved to bangalore. I remember the whole process of finding a house, getting into college, and, living alone, understanding life. The feeling of freedom, responsibility and learning to do everything on my own has taught me a lot. The third memorable phase of my life, and perhaps the best would be the current one, in which I am preparing for my long-held dream of being at Femina Miss India.”

Gargee is a fine arts student, trained at Ravindra Sangeet and Nritya and also a state-level lawn tennis player. She describes herself as a carefree, strong-willed, humble, grateful, and social girl. Cheerful and full of life, also ambitious and optimistic. One who has a positive approach to life and converts goals into reality with hard work. With that, she dreamed big and reached the Top 31 in the national pageant.

“It’s magical and incomparable. I always feel like it’s a dream. I have this constant feeling of emotional boost that goes through me every day. Miss India has been a dream ever since I I remember all those nightly chats with my younger sister and watching contest videos to know and understand what this platform is all about?After extensive research when I actually understood what this platform is reserve for women and how it can add value and touch lives as much as possible, I was determined to be a part of it and do my part for the development of myself and my society,” she said while speaking of his dream come true.

She comes from a simple middle class family, her father is a civil servant and her mother is an entrepreneur who runs her beauty salon in Shillong. Speaking about her life journey, she said: “It has been a constant pursuit of faith rather than fear. I come from a family of incredible supporters. My parents, my grandparents and my siblings m have always been supportive. But I’m not shy about saying out loud that my parents don’t share a healthy bond/relationship. Although they’ve been great in their own way in helping me, and as individuals , but together they don’t make a great team and aren’t compatible at all.

She added: “Growing up that was my biggest insecurity; for a while I was scared and didn’t know how to handle it, I had anxieties and as a child I was affected in so many ways, but I always knew I would come out of it strong. Today, at this age and stage of my life, I understand the value of life and its purpose, and I support them all both if they are willing to have separate lives. Your inner battle will be part of your success story; it will make you stronger – embrace it.”

She believes in the motto of making a change and has been a helping hand to the needy in these difficult times for society. For her, as the saying goes, charity begins at home; she would like to start with the basics. According to her, “It is a tragedy that this part of North East India, a land of mesmerizing beauty, rich cultural heritage and diversity that India loves so much, has always been overlooked. So, firstly, I would like to take the initiative to address issues in the mainstream media, such as rising community disputes, jobs, inflation or education and such, and do whatever it takes in my power to improve it.”

She also dreams of creating an NGO, it is her social dream project to uplift the underprivileged. Talking about it, she said, “My goal is to open an NGO,
Nivedita – Ek samarpit seva ke liye. We all know that India is a young country and the youth is the future of the country. I would organize classes for disadvantaged young people where I, with my team, would teach them all the knowledge I have in music, arts and dance and train them in pageantry so that each talent would be recognized and appreciated. They can live from their passion and interest. I would give free salon training to young, needy women and try to link them to local job fairs. Once I’m successful, I’d also like to take my aspirations to the next level and do something for all Tier 2 cities.”

With courage, confidence and honesty, she has put everything in place for her journey to the crown. And we wish her all the best for her big run at VLCC presents Femina Miss India 2022 co-powered by Sephora, Moj & Rajnigandha Pearls.

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