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VLCC Presents Life Story of Femina Miss India Tripura 2022 Hritwika Majumder in Words

Hritwika Majumder Just Tripura. She has always been a strong believer in positivity. She believes in the essence of lifelong learning and is currently pursuing her Masters in Chemistry, looking forward to one day bringing happiness to the world through her discovery!

Her childhood portrayed her as a shy child who was a bookworm. Growing up, Hritwika engaged in different school activities, fulfilling her Visharad in Indian classical music to become a confident and socializing girl. Talking about her fondest life memory, she said: “It must be my secondary farewell day, in 2016. I received the award
Best Outgoing Girl Title.”

Speaking in more detail about her life struggles, she added, “I understood the essence of patience, love and gratitude at a very early stage in my life, as I perceived the violence in my own family relationships. Like one rotten mango can ruin the whole basket, I saw my family shattered into pieces just because of one horrible person. Also, my entire modeling journey has been a byproduct of intense negativities. However, given my self-reliant energy, I let my instincts guide me along the way and luckily I was blessed with beautiful souls, which helped enrich my passion.

She describes herself as an honest, fiercely passionate, loyal, positive and responsible person. She had the courage to pursue her dream and reached the TOP 31 in the national competition. Speaking about her winning moment, she said, “VLCC presents Femina Miss India 2022 is not just a dream to achieve, but a platform of sincerity, integrity and discipline. To be in the Top 31 of the same is definitely a surreal feeling with the zeal to bring back the dignity of the 71st Miss World to my wonderful nation.”

The beauty was introduced to the world of pageantry when Manushi Chillar brought the title of Miss World to India in 2017. Since then, she has worked on herself in every way possible and is grateful to God for bringing her to where she is today. Hritwika believes that being the representative of my state is in itself an inner pride, which will help her to encourage the people of Tripura and solve many underlying issues. According to her, “I aim for a happier, healthier and loving world based on sustainable lifestyles and giving a stress-free aura to the next generation. Winning the crown will bring me closer to my dream of becoming Miss World and contributing to the persistent problems of the world.

She is ready for her big journey to the crown with patience, helpfulness and understanding. And we wish him all the best for his great VLCC giveaway race. Feminine Miss India 2022 co-powered by Sephora, Moj & Rajnigandha Pearls.

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