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What really happened to her and her siblings?

The life story of Beth Thomas is extraordinary. While young children are seen as angels who cannot even harm a fly, she shocked the world as a raging child who had no conscience. No one could imagine that the term psychopath was used to describe a six-year-old, but that is precisely what she was. As a result, many believed her future was doomed and that she would not grow into an average adult who made the headlines of the world.

Beth Thomas as an adult, smiling for the camera. Photo: @FiendByte
Source: Twitter

Beth Thomas’ story is truly inspiring and gives professionals a sense of hope as they continue to engage in old and new therapies with other troubled children. The “psychopathic little girl” was such a serious case that her adoptive parents locked her in her room at night because they feared she would kill them in their dreams.

This is not the start of his story, as it seemed like fate had reserved a dark life for him from the start. Her mother died when she was only one year old, and she and her brother had to be taken from their father because he sexually assaulted them.

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Beth Thomas profile summary

  • Last name and first name: Beth thomas
  • Year of birth: 1985
  • Age: 33 years old (from 2021)
  • Place of birth: united states of america
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: American
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Kind: Female
  • Adoptive parents: Tim and Julie
  • Brother: Jonathan
  • Sexual orientation: Law
  • Marital status: Married
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Occupation: Nurse
  • Current residence: Flagstaff, Arizona

Who is Beth Thomas?

Beth is a Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) survivor, currently working as a nurse. Most of the people who know her story are those who lived through the 1980s when she made headlines around the world as a young girl who terrorized her family. A movie, Child of rage, was created to illustrate his life.

East Child of rage a true story? Yes, this is the story of Beth, who suffered from severe behavior problems because she was deprived of attachment to her mother and abused by her father. She was six when she admitted on tape to a clinical psychologist that she intended to hurt not only the parents who adopted her, but her younger brother as well.

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Videos recorded during therapy sessions with Thomas and his psychologist, Dr. Ken Magid, would later be compiled into a documentary demonstrating the dire consequences of gross neglect and sexual abuse on children.

A heartbreaking experience in the hands of his father

Beth thomas
Beth Thomas with her parents posing for the camera. Photo: @FiendByte
Source: Twitter

When Thomas’ mother died, she was one year old; therefore, she and her brother were left in the care of their father. What did Beth Thomas’ dad do to her? He physically, verbally and sexually abused Beth on several occasions. The experiences gave her recurring nightmares and a troubled childhood.

In the nightmare, a man came up to her room and hurt her. This man was her father. Despite her young age, Thomas gave graphic descriptions of the abuse she had suffered. She said,

He touched my vagina until it was bleeding. It hurts. And he wouldn’t feed me much. He would hit me. It wouldn’t be very nice to me.

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His brother was also not spared by his father’s inappropriate behavior.

Finally rescue

When their father neglected them, Beth and her brother were adopted by a pastor and his wife, who had not been fortunate enough to have their children. Unfortunately, the couple were not aware of the extent of the abuse they had suffered; As a result, the following months were a real nightmare for them, and Thomas started showing psychopathic symptoms.

Tim and Julie, the adoptive parents, noticed something was wrong with Thomas when she tried to kill her brother on several occasions. What happened to Beth Thomas’ brother? Jonathan suffered when Beth stuck pins in him, pushed him down the stairs, and smashed his head on the floor. She also assaulted him by pinching and squeezing his private parts.

As if that weren’t enough for a child his age, Thomas got into the habit of masturbating on a daily basis. It was so bad that she would even do it in public places like a hospital parking lot. She once stole knives and only confessed a few weeks later that she was the one who took them. Frightened by her behavior, her parents closed her room at night for fear of being mistreated by her.

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They asked for help and took her to a clinical psychologist named Dr Magid. After several sessions with her, he clarified that she should be temporarily separated from her adoptive family and placed in the care of an expert in educating children with reactive attachment disorder (RAD) like her. It is a rare disease that affects young children who fail to form healthy connections with primary caregivers.

Common symptoms of ARD include destructive behavior, self-harm, and difficulty getting along with others. Thomas was placed in the care of Connell Watkins as she struggled to reverse her client’s condition. She was placed in a controlled environment with severe restrictions such that she had to get permission before doing anything.

Over time, she was able to develop empathy and compassion. She attended public school and was active in the church. After only a year, she had stopped hurting herself and could show remorse for the way she had treated her brother.

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Where is she now?

Beth thomas
Beth Thomas on her wedding day. Photo: @FiendByte
Source: Twitter

There were huge sacrifices to get Beth to live like a normal child again. First, she was deprived of a family when she was separated from her brother and adoptive parents. It all paid off when her diagnosed ARD was reversed, but then she had to be monitored throughout her life to make sure she didn’t relapse.

She managed to lead a daily life while attending school and graduated with a nursing degree from the University of Colorado. She also co-wrote a book with her adoptive mother titled More than a thread of hope. Additionally, Thomas received a Modern Day Florence Nightingale Excellence in Nursing Award to recognize her efforts as a nurse at a Flagstaff medical center.

As a nurse, her role is to be a mentor by focusing on and adding to the existing strengths of those who are going through the same experiences that she has had. She manages confrontation, correction and mistakes with a positive approach. She loves her job as a nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit, and on top of that, she runs a business called Families By Design. The company helps families whose children have been diagnosed with ARD.

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How is Beth Thomas today? She has become a beautiful lady and is happily married now. She is staying with her husband in Flagstaff, Arizona, after exchanging vows on November 18, 2016. Who is Beth Thomas husband? We do not know much about his spouse.

Beth’s story reveals that life is a sum of experiences. She went through a ordeal that no one would wish on a child, and it made her psychopathic. The good thing is that a good family took her in, and so her life turned upside down, giving her a second chance. Sadly, there is no information on what happened to Beth Thomas’ biological father, but the good thing is that she has made peace with herself. posted an article about what happened to the Dooley family. The Dooley Family is a musical group that was popular between the 1970s and 1980s. It consisted of six siblings and a few other talented musical artists. They used to play using their real names; Jim, John, Frank, Kathy, Anne, Helen Dooley, Alan Bob and Walsh Bogan.

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