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Who is Nat Eddleston? Googlebox Star Ellie Warner Boyfriend on Life Support What happened to her?

Gogglebox star named Ellie Warner is getting a lot of attention and love from the public these days through social media. Millions of fans are worried about her beloved personality who has been facing hardships lately. His fan base has shown him immense support after learning of the circumstances that Warner is suffering from. According to reports, fans started showing their concern when they learned that Ellie Warner’s boyfriend was admitted to hospital after encountering a horrific car accident in Leeds. Get more info on who Ellie Warner’s hospitalized boyfriend is.

In the name of reporting, Ellie Warner is in a relationship with Nat Eddleston who was the victim of a car accident lately. It is said that the accident left him with serious injuries for which he was hospitalized. As of now, he was admitted to the intensive care unit after the doctor raised concerns about his critical condition. He was seriously injured in the crash which led to him sustaining multiple critical injuries in an accident in Halton Region. The whole misadventure took place on Saturday March 20, 2022.

Who is Ellie Warner’s boyfriend?

If we talk more about the accident, a family member shared a statement with one of the most reputable sources which informed that doctors had put Eddleston on life support. The family member further added that Nat suffered from a broken neck and back. Both of the victim’s lungs collapsed, suspected of brain damage from the collision. The same media source also informed that Ellie was petrified when she got to know her boyfriend. Eddleston was hanging out with his friends at a bar in Halton. Nat is about 30 years of his age when he encountered the accident.

News of the whole incident went viral on the internet. This unpleasant story also published by the news channel following which more than 150 fans sent their best wishes to the couple and for Eddleston’s speedy recovery. All the couple’s fans mention them in their prayers.

On top of that, the case even came to the attention of law enforcement who started their investigation and started investigating the details of the circumstances under which such an incident happened. Well, there are still things that need to be explained. We’ll get back to you with more updates on the case until then, stay tuned to Social Telecast.

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