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Who is Tom Smallwood? All About the PBA Champion’s Wellness Story Ahead of How We Roll Premiere

The next CBS sitcom How do we ride is all about the ultimate second chance. Produced by Mark Gross, David Hollander and Brian d’Arcy James, with Mark Cendrowski directing the pilot episode, How do we ride revolves around Tom Smallwood and his dream of becoming a professional bowler.

Who is Tom Smallwood?

Tom Smallwood is a professional tenpin bowler who currently competes on the PBA Tour. He won his first PBA Tour in 2009 after beating 2008-09 PBA Player of the Year Wes Malott in the final. This happened after he was laid off during the Great Recession and decided to pursue his dream of playing professional bowling.

Tom was bowling for free in a bowling alley owned by his friend, Steve. His wife, Jen, also supported him in the decision, which ultimately turned out to be a great one. He won three PBA Tour titles, including two majors, and finished second in two other major PBA championships.

About CBS How do we ride

CBS recently announced How do we ride, based on the success story by Tom Smallwood. It will air on March 31. on CBS and will also be available to stream on Paramount+. The first season of the sitcom will have eleven episodes in total and will feature Pete Holmes, Katie Lowes, Chi McBride, Julie White and Mason Wells as the main characters.

The series’ supporting characters include Tahj Mowry, Matthew J. McCarthy and Judy Kain as well as cameos from Amanda Perez, Rondi Reed, Amber Martinez, Laura Buckles, Brian Dare, McKale Jude Bingham, Dominic Pace, Nik Shriner, Sean Cook and Greg Winter.

The synopsis for the series reads as follows:

“It’s based on the life of professional bowler Tom Smallwood, stars Pete Holmes as Tom, a stoic Midwestern husband and father who is laid off from a car assembly line and makes the extraordinary decision to support the needs of his family as he pursues his dream of becoming a professional. As an experienced bowler, Tom knows that in bowling you have two chances; no matter what you do with the first ball, you get another one to make the things, the ultimate second chance.”

He continues further:

“With this in mind, Tom begins his new career with the loving consent of his wife, Jen, the unwavering support of Archie, his mentor and the proud owner of Archie’s Lanes: Home of the Curly Fry, the careful support from his protective mother, Helen, and the encouragement of his son, Sam. It remains to be seen if Tom will make it big on the Pro Bowler circuit, but right now the pins are set, he shoots his second shot and it’s 300 or bust!”

Sitcom Trailer

The trailer for How do we ride was posted via ET last week and featured Tom’s journey from being fired from his job to becoming bowling enthusiast. The sitcom is also said to have a very CBS sitcom approach with laugh tracks and a multi-camera setup.

How do we ride will be available to watch on CBS and to stream on Paramount+ starting March 31.

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