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Submitted by US Senator Roger Wicker

Mississippi senator hails decisive blow to tax and spending bill

Christmas came early for Americans concerned about inflation, the national debt and the threat of socialism. After months of inconclusive negotiations, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has finally said ‘no’ to the $ 5,000 billion presidential tax and spending bill, meaning a majority in the Senate now opposes to this partisan legislation. President Biden and his allies seemed shocked by Manchin’s decision, but they should have seen it coming. The center-left Democrat had hinted for months that he was not inclined to support this bill given its high price and the aggravating effect it could have on inflation. Speaking on Fox News, he said, “If I can’t go home and explain it to the people of West Virginia, I can’t vote for it.”

The best Democrats are now going after Manchin, but they have only themselves to blame. The American people did not give him a mandate to adopt a socialist spending spree and raise taxes. The Americans elected a 50-50 Senate and a tightly divided House, and President Biden ran for office as a unifier. Yet since his election, Mr Biden has sprinted to the left, reneging on his promise to stick to a centrist agenda. He should have realized that this bet would fail. As Democratic Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger said, “No one elected him FDR.”

Republican strategy paying off

The apparent defeat of this bill would not have happened without careful Republican strategy. Last summer, Republicans managed to separate actual infrastructure priorities from the Democrats’ tax and spending agenda, leading to two separate bills. I helped negotiate the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which will provide billions of dollars to support the physical infrastructure of our communities, such as roads, bridges, railroads, broadband and projects. water. This bipartisan bill won the support of Senator Manchin, eliminating a potential excuse for him to vote for the radical tax and spending frenzy. This strategy seems to have paid off – America will now be spared a socialist nightmare as long as Manchin sticks to his guns. The tactic also helped preserve Senate obstruction, an essential consensus-building tool that currently prevents a host of left-wing proposals from becoming law.

This decline in socialism is tremendous news for our economy. This means that the tax cuts adopted by Republicans from 2017 will remain in place for now, giving our economy a real chance to recover. This means families won’t soon lose control over child care decisions, social assistance won’t be put on steroids, and inflation will have a chance to subside. It also means that super-rich residents of states like New York and California won’t get special tax relief championed by Sen. Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We can all be thankful that these bad ideas don’t progress.

The far left does not get the message

Sadly, Washington Democrats have yet to come to terms with the reality. They are now redoubling their efforts to force Senator Manchin to submit, which has failed once before. Senator Schumer has promised to hold a formal vote on the tax and expenditure bill, although it is almost certain to fail. Democrats are also considering ways to tie parts of the bill to other must-see priorities next year. Again, it seems they only know how to govern from the far left.

As reality sets in, I hope my fellow Democrats begin to focus on the issues that really matter to Americans: stopping inflation, protecting our border, creating jobs and making full use of our nation’s energy resources. . Republicans will remain focused on unleashing the unlimited potential of this great country.

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Submitted by Senator Roger Wicker

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