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Wife Pregnant with Self-proclaimed Former Anti-Vaccine Remains on Life Support, Urges Residents to Get Vaccinated |

“We were stubborn enough not to get vaccinated because we were like everyone else who [are considered] anti-vaccine. There isn’t enough information for the long term, and we want more information, ”Binette said.

Changing your mind about vaccinations

Binette admits that he has had several arguments with people in favor of vaccination via social media and believes that the fight against vaccines is about people’s mistrust of the government.

“We don’t trust what the government is saying here because we got so screwed. Plus, there is so much incorrect information out there right now.

He thinks everyone should at least take the time to speak with a doctor or nurse on the front line about the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Once they have the correct information, they will know that if you get it it may not prevent you from catching the virus, but it will save your life. We may not know the long term effect yet, but in the short term it saves lives. “

The Bins were also worried about getting the shot because Dwayne’s wife is pregnant. Their perception changed after talking to a doctor during an antenatal visit, and they were planning to get the vaccine when, unfortunately, they started to get sick.

The Binette family tested positive for COVID-19

Dwayne says it all happened quickly and started when his son returned from college earlier this month, saying he wasn’t feeling well. That same week, Dwayne and his wife started to feel bad.

The Friday before the Thanksgiving long weekend, the family was tested and the results were positive. Dwayne described his symptoms as a “bad cold” and said his son recovered within days, however, his wife’s symptoms worsened.

His wife arrived at the hospital at 2:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving Monday and at 6 p.m. the hospital told Dwayne they needed to transport her to Victoria General Hospital. She is now in New Westminster.

“It looked like she had just had a very bad cold and was having trouble breathing. We didn’t think it was that bad. I was making dinner and she will be home from the hospital for Thanksgiving dinner.

After two days in Victoria, Dwayne’s wife was on a ventilator for almost a week until she was placed under an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machine, which helps patients breathe, leaving their lungs at rest.

Dwayne says the doctors didn’t put her on ECMO right away because there were concerns for the baby. There has been talk of an emergency cesarean to relieve the pressure on her lungs, but doctors have said there could be long-term disability effects as the baby is only 27 weeks old.

“Victoria’s doctors were pretty amazing. They just haven’t tried to figure it out themselves. They searched everywhere, called hospitals in Toronto, and tried several different techniques and drugs before they ended up putting her on the ECMO machine.

Dwayne says the baby is strong and being watched all the time, and doctors are hoping that with his wife’s lungs not having to work, he will slowly repair himself.

Dwayne and his children are currently in quarantine and cannot visit him.

“We can’t leave to go see my wife. My children cannot see their mother because of all of this. So it’s much worse when a family member dies in the hospital and you can’t go to see them.

Doctors told Dwayne that his 39-year-old wife, with no pre-existing medical issues, had a 10% chance of surviving.

Dwayne thinks everyone should have been vaccinated months ago, but for those who are against or are still unsure, he asks them a question: “If you see a family member in danger, don’t. you not what it would take to save their lives? “

Dwayne says he’s just trying to get the word out in the hopes it could potentially save someone from death.

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